Viewing webmail

Webmail allows you to view your email through any browser on any computer.

To view webmail go to and log-in by filling in your email address and password in the tagged feilds.

Setting up webmail preferences

The first thing you should do in webmail is check and change, if necessary, your "Personal Information" preferences under the "Options" menu. The information in here determines what your sent mail looks like when it is received. Referred to as Mail Headers. If you don't fill out this information your name, email address and reply to address won't appear on all outgoing mail. You will have problems with people replying to your messages and course general confusion.

How can I change a Hotmail address book into an alittlenoise one?

If you already have webmail like Hotmail or Yahoo. You will not be able to export your address book. This helps these companies maintain clients. However the details of your address book are available as HTML. This allows you to make a copy of it and turn it into an address book that you can use with us. When you are in your other webmail account, open your address book and view your source code (MS Explorer: Edit > view > source; Mozilla/Firefox: View > page source; and Netscape is something similar). Copy and paste the source code into an email and send it to us to upload to your account.

If this doesn't work it might mean that your webmail uses frames? Contact us for help.

How can I get an email client's address book made into a webmail address book?

We don't as of yet know how to do this, but will get back to you as soon as we know. No one has actually asked us to do this yet.

Documentation within webmail

We use a slightly modified version of Squirrel Mail as a webmail application. You can find straight forward Squirrel Mail documentation by clicking on the help section at the top menu selection within webmail.