Starting out

Email addresses are given on an invite only basis. However you may want to send us an email requesting an invite. In this email don't forget to specify what address you would like and if you have a preference for a password.

We will confirm your email address, mailbox number and password. Keep a safe record of these details.

Email address

Your email address will be You may not be able to have a specific email address if someone already is using that address. At the moment there are very few users so the likely hood of a duplicate name is small.

Mailbox number (user-name)

Your mailbox is the folder on our server that your mail goes to. This folder is named with a number, for example m1234567. Your email address,, forwards to this mailbox number. In addition to you email address you can also request any number of aliases to point to this mailbox. This can be handy if you don’t want to supply people with your main address. For example you can ask for the alias If this address gets bombarded with spam you can quiet easily discontinue that alias, without deleting your mailbox. Email applications may require your mailbox number.


If you don't specify a desired password upon your first request for an email address then a random one will be assigned. You change your password and preferences at anytime by using Mailbox Manager at the following address: We recommend you have a password that is six or more characters long and alphanumeric (consisting on letters and numbers).

Forgot your password?

Contact us and we will change it. You will lose no data. You must tell us what you would like it to be changed to.

Changing stuff

You can change any of your details. Passwords, email addresses and mailbox numbers can all be changed at anytime. If you are having any difficulties just whistle.